Bring the Kitchen Outdoors - Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration May 14 2014, 0 Comments

Spring is finally in the air and all we can think about is spending more time in the sunshine! If you love to spend time outdoors, why not create a backyard oasis to enjoy that much deserved downtime. There are many aspects to making your outdoors comfortable and inviting; kitchen, pool/hot tub, garden, play area, etc. We will discuss all of these in depth in a series of blog posts. Lets start with the kitchen. What would make cooking so much better... fresh air and sunshine, of course. So step out of your cramped kitchen and enjoy the outdoors while you prepare your feast! Lets start with some inspiration, here are some of our favorite outdoor kitchen designs. (Teaser: we have one we are designing right now, that you are going to soon!)
Next week we will go into more depth on things to consider when designing your outdoor kitchen.
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