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Design Entryway Home Decor

We've guided you along the walk up to your homewith tips for your front door and exterior lighting. Now let's go a few steps further, your guests have just crossed over the threshold and entered your home, what will they see first? Is it a well decorated entryway? Nothing? Possibly a mess? Hopefully you answered a well decorated entryway, but if not, here are some tips and ideas for getting your entryway perfect! Make it catch the attention of your guests without going overboard. Sometimes less is more; especially when it comes to accessorizing. And just as with the other areas of your home, make sure your entryway fits with the overall design and style of your house. There are many different options for your entryway. The size of your entryway will determine how much and what items will work best. Make sure you don't overcrowd the area. Open walkways and empty spaces can work for you as well. A console table or cabinet is a great starting point. Add a great lamp, sculpture, accessories, floral arrangement or plant and you are on your way. A table also provides a place for guests to leave their purses, keys, etc. Just make sure it doesn't become a catch-all area for your home.
A bench is another great option for your entryway. Providing a place for guests to rest for a moment, take off and put on shoes, coats, etc. is always a nice touch. You can find a bench with bins or put baskets around or under the bench to add a bit of storage. Storage bins/baskets as well as pillows are a great way to add texture and a pop of color.
If you want seating but would rather not have a bench, a chair or ottomans are great seating options that add both beauty and functionality.
Add another dimension with a great rug.
Add wall art or a spectacular mirror to take it to the next level.
Your entryway design is the first thing guests see when they walk through your door, it should leave an impression. Draw them in and make a statement.  

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