Cost effective Updates for Your Kitchen in 2012 January 09 2012, 0 Comments

Most of us know that our kitchen is the hub of all activity in our homes.  We use it not only to cook and serve food, we use it to hang out when we have family or friends over.  It is the ultimate multipurpose room in our home!  So....lets talk about improving it's functionality and aesthetics for 2012.  No matter what your budget is, from affordable fixes to complete overhauls we have a solution for you.  Today we'll talk about the cost effective updates to add interest in your kitchen.

Paint.  We believe that paint is the most affordable and dramatic way to to update any room, even the kitchen.  You can begin by creating an accent wall in the area.  Pick a color that will make a bold statement to use on the wall behind the table or the space above the sink. Wherever you think a bold splash of color is needed. You can also achieve this with a colorful tile back splash or wallpaper.

 Paint the cabinets!  This requires a lot more work but has the same dramatic results!

Update your knobs and pulls.  This is a relatively easy way to add a little pizazz to your kitchen.  Just be sure that you measure the size of your existing pulls before you head out to the hardware store!  There are many different sizes and styles available.

Add Artwork.  Adding artwork will instantly personalize your space.  Just because your kitchen is a functional room, doesn't mean you can't give it a little flair! If you have a large wall or only have a small shelf, live it up....add some flair!

The Olivers House eclectic kitchen

Update your chairs/stools.  From your kitchen breakfast bar to your dining table, your chairs are an important part of your kitchen.  They should be comfortable as well as functional and they can be the spark your kitchen needs!  By just reupholstering your stools or chairs, it will make a profound difference in your kitchen.  Bring in color and pattern to create a distinct style.  If you have wood chairs...paint them!  You can also keep a few of the old and add a few new ones.  The options are endless!

VP Interiors 2010 contemporary kitchen

Add New Light Fixtures.  Lighting is all-important in the kitchen. If your kitchen doesn't have a mix of ambient lighting and task lighting, you may want to consult a kitchen designer ie; Pezzo Bello Interiors, to help you to update your lighting.  You can add recessed lights, pendant lights, under cabinet lights, or other solutions to make your kitchen more functional and bright.

Needham Kitchen traditional kitchen

Replace your sink and faucet.  Take a minute to assess your relationship with your sink.  You likely spend far to much time hovering over it to be unsatisfied.  Undermount and flush sinks are great choices. They’re easy to clean and have a chic, seamless look. Single-bowl sinks provide enough room for washing dishes and large pots, but multi-bowl sinks provide the option of using half the sink as a drying rack or soaking area.  Your faucet is not only for cleaning and rinsing your dishes, it should be able to reach every corner of your sink.  Take measurements and decide on your preferences before heading to your local showroom. 

The updates are endless it up and think outside the box in 2012!  If you need any help with Reviving your kitchen, contact Pezzo Bello Interiors @ 816-891-8400 or aking@pezzobellointeriors, we look forward to working with you to create your dream kitchen!