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While at the Vegas Market shopping for our clients we came across a substantial environmental story.

Urban Woods is one of the most environmentally cautious companies we have encountered over the years of market shopping. Their company is unique because all their products are created using local vintage reclaimed wood. All their furniture is manufactured in Los Angeles, CA and the wood is approximately 50-100 years old harvested locally. The greatest part about reclaimed wood is that there is a certain beauty behind the deep grains and rustic imperfections. To add even more importance to their products the use of a water solvent non-toxic stain is applied to all their furniture. No joke, you could literally drink their stain. How many companies do you know like that…

Their product offering is just as spectacular as their story. Handcrafted in the USA and completely customizable the design process offers endless opportunities. If there is one quality Pezzo Bello Interiors loves most, it is a custom potential. We pride ourselves on offering a design process that fulfills all your visions.

Of course, being the positive designers that we are, we decided to design furniture through Urban Woods for a young couple we were working with. The couple was in the market for a large kitchen table with an urban contemporary classic design. It needed to be large enough to seat at least 10 people, and quality was of the utmost importance. We were able to fulfill all the requirements and then some! Santina even got a chair named after her.  Urban Woods will be promoting this new chair in the coming months.  Very exciting!

Take a look at our final product…

Table Chrome Leg 9.5' x 4'

The Santina Chair

Install photos to follow.
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