Functional Kitchen June 17 2013, 0 Comments

It used to be the kitchen was never more than a small galley room hidden in the back of the house. It never had any appeal to the visitor; it was considered the food preparation room and nothing more. Today, this could not be further from the truth. Our kitchens are the main gathering area connected to the main lounge of the house. Our lives revolve around the kitchen. Take a moment; reflect on how often you find yourself in the kitchen alone or with family and friends. There is a good chance if you have children you begin your day in the kitchen with a cup coffee in hand and children surrounding the kitchen island eating breakfast before the school day. The same is true later in the day, only this time you may be sipping a glass of wine after a long day’s work while helping your children complete their homework all while prepping a dinner too. The truth is our kitchens are the heart of our homes. Therefore, it is important just like a human heart, it functions properly.
We believe if your kitchen lacks function, your cooking may be the first to feel the pain. After this segment we hope to help you waste no more time or precious ingredients in the kitchen. So grab a tape measure and lets get your kitchen functioning. It is imperative that your kitchen be planned in a triangle, and it is also important that this triangle not exceed or lack in dimensional layout. There are three functions to consider when planning a kitchen: preparation, storage and cooking. You may think storage means cabinets, but it actually refers to your refrigerator; preparation refers to the kitchen sink and cooking is described as the cooking range (stovetop). Without these functions a kitchen is hardly a kitchen. Take a look around your kitchen and locate each of these functional items. If you were to draw a line from one item to the other does your current layout form a triangle? If it does, congratulations you’re in good hands, your cooking is not in jeopardy. If it does not form a triangle, this could explain the cooking hazards and anxiety – call us.
Okay triangle masters not so fast, we must put your measuring tape to work. In order for your triangle to be successful the overall triangle should be approximately 26 feet. However, no one side shall measure less than four feet or greater than nine feet. According to The National Kitchen and Bath Association these measurements offer perfect flow to function. After you have determined your triangle is within these parameters walk the triangle a couple times to be sure you can maneuver through with no obstructions. Anything that gets in your way should be relocated immediately. Once you have purged the unnecessary obstructions in your walking path, evaluate your countertops. If you can hardly see the tops of your counters it is time to purge. If you lack storage, try to relocate special (one time use) items to another room’s storage space and pull it out when needed. If you find your bills and kids school work pile up on your kitchen island, consider purchasing a wall hung file organizer to get these items off your counter. Too many objects on the counter take precious preparation space. Cooking is a multitasking frenzy; you want your cooking tasks to happen holistically. Eliminate the challenge.