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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. There is something so delightful about your entire family breaking bread under one roof. Being Italian we have family dinners on the regular, but this feast is special. IMG_5381 There are several blogs out there on the internet telling you how you should decorate your home for the holiday. However, we strongly believe this holiday requires charm and family tradition. Most everything you need to make it one of a kind, already exist. You just have to capture the moment. Now is the time to bring out your grandmothers cherished china set, use fancy napkins, your favorite silverware and your best glassware. It makes no never mind if it all matches because like family it’s the variations that make it so distinct. Thanksgiving is all about traditions. This year, we will hold true to the long held traditions as well as start new traditions, like a family tablecloth filled with sweet thanks, and new side dishes. While we may add one new side dish a year, we always hold steady to several yummy sides. From our family to yours below is one of our family recipes at every setting, Italian Green Beans. ITALIAN GREEN BEANS – Serves 8 (9×12 baking dish) (4) 14.5oz Cans Green Giant Green Beans ¾ Progresso Italian Bread Crumbs Handful of Pecorino Romano Cheese Grated Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1) 16oz Can Drained and Chopped Artichokes Heaps of Minced Garlic Salt and Pepper to taste Layer the ingredients: 2 cans green beans, ½ artichokes, cheese, garlic, olive oil, bread crumbs & then repeat. Cover with foil and cook for 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees. Our Thanksgiving as a family requires a big morning breakfast in the kitchen nook. Followed by a quick preparation of the food for evening. We nibble on Lunch and snacks as we watch football in the living room all afternoon. Then the ladies deck the table and prepare the goodies as we top off a bottle of our favorite wine. The kiddos begin working on their artful place mats for the kids table, of course. The men…they are working up an appetite?! IMG_5399 IMG_5404
Child's Play - DIY Table Mat Child’s Play – DIY Table Mat
Favorite Wine White: Maria Schneider, Reichsrat Vonbuhl, Reisling- San Marcos, CA Red: Sudtirol Alto Adige Blauburgunder, Pinot Nero - Bolzano, ItaliaFavorite Wine White: Maria Schneider, Reichsrat Vonbuhl, Reisling- San Marcos, CA Red: Sudtirol Alto Adige Blauburgunder, Pinot Nero – Bolzano, Italia
Some of our favorite traditions are gathering around to play any version of rummy; whether it be cards or rummy cube…we are gathered for hours laughing and playing. The music in the background keeps our toes tapping as we carry on (loudly). The fresh scent of apple cinnamon fills the air and we lose sight of the time as it passes quickly. Thanksgiving is the most perfect time of year. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but home. We of course would love to hear your traditions. Share your family traditions in the comment box.

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