Getting Through the Winter Doldrums!


It's that time of year, when the winter (at least in KC) has finally set in.  You have taken all of your Holiday and Christmas decorations down and inside your house emulates the winter season that we are experiencing outdoors, empty and cold.  This time of year is such a downer that we need something to uplift our spirit!  Something to give us a boost! So we came up with a few ways to help lift your spirits in small ways to get through this blah time of year.

Add music to your home. This may be the quickest and easiest thing to do.  There is something about music that lifts your spirits and makes your heart smile!  Be it, songs that remind you of specific times in your life, or new music to add to your  music palette.  So turn the TV off and turn up the music! will be surprised by how much this helps with your attitude!

Add new scented candles to your home. It's amazing how what you smell makes your brain turn from blah to aha! Maybe take your normal winter scent and replace it with a spring scent.  There's enough winter smell outside, bring something spring like inside!

Change your Throws and Throw Pillows.   This is an easy way to refresh an entire room and your spirit.  You can add a new pattern pillow to your solid ones, or you can take a color out of a pattern pillow that you have and add a different solid color or two to your grouping.  You could change your whole color scheme just by changing pillows.  While you are at it, add a luxurious throw too!  It's not overkill to have something soft on every sofa or chair.  You can get a little wild and add the newest hot thing, faux fur throws and pillows!  Anything to lift your spirit and keep you warm at the same time.

Add a Vase of Flowers to your Kitchen Table.  Flowers, any day, but especially on dull winter days, can lift your spirit quick.  Not only are they beautiful to the eye, they smell so good!  Maybe you have an anniversary or birthday coming up.....request flowers from your loved ones!  If not, go to the grocery store and pick up a bunch that they already have together and just add them to your vase! The grocery florist is a cost effective way to purchase everyday flowers to brighten your mood.

And Finally.....Think Spring!  Make plans for your springtime activities.  Start jotting down what you would love to do when it finally does arrive. You'll be ready when it does!

Antionette King, Designer
Pezzo Bello Interiors

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