Give the Gift of Art December 07 2013, 0 Comments

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso
This holiday season consider taking your adopt a family contributions one step further. Instead of fulfilling just the wish list by individual, add an element of art to your delivery. Imagine how excited a family might be to receive a fine art gift to admire as a family. Think about how inspired you become when you receive or purchase a piece of art for your home. We should pass that excitement on. Especially to those who may never have the means to afford art. Art strikes an emotion in all of us, so a surprise delivery of good design is perhaps the greatest gift of all. Be clever in your delivery. There are so many various ways to share art, below are three we think make the biggest impact. Create a craft box for the family to complete together
Find a fun DIY project online, and purchase the supplies. Put the supplies in a cute package and include instructions on how to complete the project. This project is sure to bring your adopt a family together, and present an opportunity to build new family tradition. Plus the memories will be priceless. Purchase art from a local artist and include a story about the artist and the piece Kansas City is full of local artist. You can visit a variety of local galleries, or, local art schools to find the perfect piece. Not all art is expensive, you just have to be on the lookout in all the right places. Check out these Kansas City art links to find the perfect gift. Who knows, a once starving artist now may become the next big thing. Think of this gift as a valuable contribution to their family heirloom. 360 KC ART KC CROSSROADS ART DISTRICT ARTS KC Create a craft for the family with your own two hands. Include a story
With so many DIY tutorials online, your family or group of friends would have no problem finding a creative gift. Perhaps, your family already has a tradition to create an art project together over the holidays. Make a duplicate and then include a story about this tradition. Sharing a part of your life with others is the most genuine gift of all. Have fun this holiday season, and pass the beauty of art on to others.