Home Office Makeover October 25 2013, 0 Comments

Monday will be a whole lot happier if your office is a happy place to be. Now that fall has trickled in, and the calendar is getting a bit lighter, perhaps you can spend time wisely this weekend pampering your home office. Seriously, spoil yourself you’ll be more productive. The Pezzo Bello design team has established offices in almost every house we have designed. Offices at home are absolutely necessary in a virtual world. Think about it, more often than not we are all working from home at least one day out of the week. So we say why not make your home office experience enjoyable!? Instead of piling on an old desk in the corner, or, working in a nonfunctional area of your home, plan a space to suit your needs. It needn't be large, nor does it have to have its own room. In fact, you can work a home office into several places. Allow us to showcase the options. In the spirit of “going paperless” those who need only a space to prop up a lap top and do a little journalism can easily place a neat small table just about anywhere in the home. It’s all about location location location! Since a small table only requires small space, place your home office in the one room that makes you the happiest. Your once existent window bench in the bedroom
Your inspiring sun room
The lounge space you feel most comfortable
Others may require more storage solutions, but space may be limited. We suggest the old tried and true closet makeover. Instead of just pulling the doors off, follow through on the detail. Doing so will make this new closet office look like a planned process versus an afterthought. Trim out the opening
Add built in storage
Replace old doors with interesting new doors
For those who are rolling in the space, or simply have a room to allocate to office work, have fun! The beauty of having your own room is you can make it feel like a CEO’s private office space. Design your space as if you own the company. Be powerful, be bold be you. It’s amazing what a little ego boost can do to productivity.