Inspire Us_Italy 2013 July 08 2013, 0 Comments

We are thrilled to be back in the beautiful country of U.S.A. Our travel to Europe was magnificent full of history, inspiring culture and exposure to fresh ideas. We took a lot of pictures; found endearing design inspiration; met incredible people and we are ready to share it all with you! Our blog entries this month will be all about incorporating Roman and Greek architecture into your space. Our observation of European culture is sure to intrigue and inspire the way you look at your surroundings. Ready set here we go! No trip to Europe is complete without visiting all the deep historic artifacts. We were definitely in awe of the beauty in the architecture; not to mention all the thought and time put into the details of the architecture. Which got us to thinking...why should anyone settle for plain production, why not demand individuality? So we say to you, there is nothing in the rule book saying you are not allowed to incorporate ancient architecture into your contemporary setting. Actually doing so will add a touch of individuality, luxury and warmth to your home. Check out these beautiful photographs from Italy of ancient columns and arches. hlaGc1vvntG2EXsrzQuBSWLzXUDkl3QmhSBKI6ad1tM LE74Ez-dH0dXx089h4X6ITeHt7p81JymBS5Qdw7_0lw WLq2e16_aLgcvRBWaCbDlXV52ahJmzjLPyzotO5lYrc wa6Q_dCNODvqr-tGV45qqag9oUBsJvJg4OkHUM_ZYw8 7HY-GbCHAk5ggrfLI2oIZ-7I5sAo6JbpF44MQRf4Afk IWbqcvByD0uQ4M4QuakaUYIHG5LQRJYZWBOFhZmAEAU kndZrTkRm_AZUjmmp9-LTcXwFjKZv5hYXBIMsK5aJxU Never be afraid to have fun with lines in your home. Straight is safe, but tends to look builder grade add some pizzazz when possible. You can achieve the same beauty at home. Take a look at the simple, playful incorporation of columns and arches in these homes.