Inspire Us_Italy 2013 Doing a Lot With a Little


There is no doubt the Europeans look at us Americans as if we are crazy space hogs. We drive large gas guzzling cars, have homes the size of their nicest hotels and have food storage at home more grand than their supermarkets. It is true, the majority of Europeans live in spaces no larger than our garages; their workshops sometimes no larger than our dinning room, yet the production of quality goods from these small spaces can arguably the best we have experienced. XGGDomYAzYtGxlHa26mH7ytRhH2kmEMyimT55Ue29hE E5GCzcfHeUh1cRX_gxyfAAk98KbA8bmJXAFGSYXp16E,aDZ4ufDGzrLgdaBBWt2UiWUbzTaAb4L0cOtXMzOcW3I We were in awe of the abilities of the Europeans to turn out quality goods from such small quarters. The pottery was to die for, the wood inlay pieces were intricately precise, the food was perfectly plated with and their farms challenge what is possible. We saw pottery artist produce hand painted pieces at the back of a 10 x 10 retail space; carpenters chisel wood in space no wider than four foot; a hat maker mold hats with an antique machine nestled up against a small wall in his working quarters and farmers farm land on a steep vertical. The list goes on and on. Which got us to thinking…large space doesn't always mean better turn out; it is all about what you can do with what you have. Many of us struggle daily with trying to fit everything into one space. It happens in our work space and home space. Too often we get find ourselves utilizing inadequate means to make our spaces work "temporarily". Our personal opinion is this may be because our mind set is "I need more space" rather than "what are the possibilities within this space". It is time to start thinking differently because we know you can do a lot with a little, you just have to think "inside" your box.
Please share your small spaces with us. We love new inspiration and creative ideas.

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