Inspire Us_Italy_Texture July 22 2013, 0 Comments

Italy is full of inspiring architecture. We found what inspired us the most were all the beautiful textures. There were no surfaces left unfinished. It was as if every centimeter of every square foot was carefully considered in detail. This made for a continuous experience in every direction; each new corner was a masterpiece all its own. 1014407_10200984866496204_441875898_n 67895_10200984467766236_1798707583_n 221613_10200984449365776_785051345_n There is no reason why you couldn't encompass the same experience in your own home. Start looking at your home as your masterpiece; a place to articulate your story well and with great pride. A good book can go from good to great by the details it bears; your home is no different. One clever tool to communicate your story is to play with textures. Finishes are almost more important than the space itself. If chosen well, finishes are the details making your statement fluent. If finishes are done poorly your whole story gets puzzling. No fear, it’s really quite simple to pick finishes if you follow these simple rules. 1. Use colors that compliment one another, are in the same tone, but not necessarily the same color. Do not fret over the perfect match; focus on the perfect accolade instead.
2. Pick soft textures for leisure areas and utilize rigid textures for display areas only.
3. Not everything has to be a theme; sometimes the unexpected piece is what best depicts the story.
4. Don’t pick decorations out because they match the room. Pick pieces you’re drawn to even if it means waiting for a room completion. Patience is the hardest virtue when completing a space, but being patient and considerate makes all the difference in your end result.
Remember to have fun, be inspired always. After all this is your story to tell so own it. If you need any help finding those perfect pieces we are only a phone call away.