Kitchen Floor Coverings January 14 2014, 0 Comments

Your kitchen floor gets a lot of traction, more so than any other place in your home. That is why it is so important to properly pick your flooring solution. You may automatically think durability equals poor design, but the opposite rings true. There are several well designed floor coverings suited for all different types of design personalities. First, it is important to recognize your kitchen as unique. Take a moment to consider all the different functions your kitchen currently encounters, write these functions down on paper. For instance, is your household comprised of small children, or, large animals? Do you gather around the kitchen for activities ranging from eating to arts and crafts? All of these factors play a role in your chosen direction. We at Pezzo Bello tend to choose superb durability for all our projects because the use of a room develops as the family grows in change. In our opinion you must always be prepared for what is to come. This is why we like to lead our customers down a path that suits their aesthetic as well as purpose. One of our favorite floor coverings is porcelain tile that looks like hard wood. It is the perfect compromise for a heavily used floor. Porcelain tile is great because the color is infused all the way through. You will not likely ever see scratches, and any chip that may occur will be less noticeable than say a ceramic tile with an adobe color as a core. We also enjoy porcelain tile with pattern because it allows the user artistic expression, adding an element of the unexpected versus a standard stone appearance.
In the realm of tile, natural stones serve as the most durable route ready to stand the test of time. Think travertine, marble and granite. Plus, their aesthetic is the most universally pleasing.
If tile is not your chosen path, we highly recommend resilient flooring in sheets. Yes, we hear you saying “what vinyl?”, but honestly they have come so far with possibilities in vinyl flooring you can really fool your eye into seeing high quality. Plus a full sheet of vinyl flooring has minimal visual seams and is more durable than wood floors because it is comprised of four layers. This is an excellent choice for a very busy room.
Of course, our favorite choice of flooring is hard wood floors. However, the durability requires a lot of maintenance, but no other flooring can warm a home quite like hardwood. We like to think scratches bring out the character of wood. Choose a solid wood over an engineered wood to allow for maximum maintenance options. Engineered woods are a thin veneer which can only be sanded once before it depletes the facing. Solid woods allow you to sand multiple times, as often as you like. If you choose to use an engineered wood, load your floors with rug coverings for protection.
Last but certainly not least, concrete floors are truly one of the most durable floor options. If your home is full of clean lines and you prefer your floors to blend in with its surroundings, concrete is a sure fit for you. Keep in mind, you’ll need a lot of cushion for standing areas because this floor is as hard as they come.