Making a House a Home April 30 2010, 0 Comments

Have you ever looked around your house and evaluated the worth of every item that makes it a home? What if tomorrow all of it was taken from you and you were only allowed one item to keep…what would you pick?

As Americans we spend much of our time accumulating consumer goods. Sometimes we purchase items because they are necessary. While other times we choose bits and pieces because they represent our personality. Whether it be our clothing, our cars or even our favorite sofa we form a connection with all of our purchases. Sometimes those connections die off and we move on, while others hold a special place in our hearts. So we ask you again…what would you choose?

Would it be the family portraits that help you revisit your memories?

Perhaps it is the kitchen table that your family and friends have spent the most time making memories with you?

Could you leave behind your grandparent’s antique cabinet that has been in the family for years?

How hard would it be to part with your favorite dinnerware that has fed the mouths of all those your care about?

The truth is it would be hard to choose. As human beings we naturally grow attached to our surroundings. That is why it is important to choose your surroundings wisely. Choose your goods with one thing in mind "you". Quality items that represent your true values can be cherished for years and shared with those you care most about.