Meet Your Designer - Part I March 30 2010, 0 Comments

Antionette King
Founder I Designer

What inspires you most about spring & summer?

In my opinion spring and summer are more of a sensation than a season.  It's a new beginning after a long cold winter in Kansas City.  Every year all of the smells of spring are brand new... the grass, the flowers and the blooming trees.  It inspires me and gives me energy that I thought had been lost throughout the winter months!  Anyone who knows me knows I have my spring flowers present in my home right after Valentines Day.  It's definitely inspirational!

What is your signature color? 

Well, this is a tough one, but I would have to say purple.  It has always been my personal favorite color.  I'm not sure it's my signature color though as very few people ask for purple in their homes.  People who love purple are highly individual, fastidious, witty and sensitive, with a strong desire to be unique and different. Purple is expansive and artistic.  If you chose Purple, you tend to be unconventional, tolerant and dignified.  Anytime a customer does want purple, it ends up being one of my favorite designs and they really love it too.

When did you know you wanted to be a designer?

I knew I wanted to be a designer when I was very young.  I didn't know what a designer was at that age, but looking back, I know now, it was always my destiny.  My childhood home was a very warm and welcoming one but I always thought of ways to make it better. If you just moved this wall or changed that would be much better and more functional.   While watching TV (in black and white for most of my young childhood) I would pay more attention to the surroundings and accessories then to the actual storyline.  I always knew that color would make it so much better....  and finally it did!  I still look at the surroundings on TV to this day.

What techniques do you use to uncover your clients individuality?

I came up with a lifestyle questionnaire that I ask my clients to answer on or before our first meeting.  It gives me some insight to what they are looking for in their new design.  Our initial meeting at their home, while viewing their surroundings and chatting about their lives will naturally bring out their individuality.  I always look so forward to meeting new clients and learning about them.  People are incredible!

If you could only pick one word to describe your design style, what would it be?

Warm and Welcoming.  That's two words isn't it?  Then maybe Inviting is a better choice.

Where is your favorite place to brainstorm ides and concepts?

There is no certain place that I could actually say "I need to go there to come up with something that will work for this client".  My ideas come to me during my normal daily routine, which in large part is in my studio.  I do have to say, I am inspired by texture and textiles. That is my normal starting point on any design job.  Where there is texture and textiles, I find the inspiration to work out my ideas.

If you could design any one famous persons home, who would it be and why?

I'm not big on celebrity.  I would much rather design an average person’s home so that they feel like a celebrity!  To me, just being a celebrity does not make you successful, but feeling like one, well that's another story.  I think that your environment is the key to your success in every aspect of your life.  It doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money to redo your home, just changing a few things like paint, toss pillows or a picture can brighten up an area for a nominal cost.