Quote Me Thursday - Good Design January 07 2016, 0 Comments

Quote Me Thursday  - Design Quotes for your Inspiration   QuoteMe_1_6_16 - Pezzo Bello Inteiors Blog Good Designs Come From the Heart Not the Brain - Danny Sengers Inspiration is everywhere and when you look too hard, many times, it almost disappears. Our brains can easily go into overload and overthinking many times leads to boring designs. It's our heart that brings us those out-of-the-blue, random ideas that spark the perfect design. The hardest part of being a designer is distinguishing between those brilliant ideas and the what were you thinking ideas. Sometimes the best design comes from a little refining of those initial what were you thinking ideas. Letting our heart lead the way leads us to a creative option that can become something extraordinary. This is where the beauty of the design process comes into play. This is what makes being a designer so wonderful!