Quote Me Thursday - Smile and Create Fantasy March 17 2016, 0 Comments

Quote Me Thursday - Smile and Create Fantasy - Pezzo Bello Interiors A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy. - Juan Montoya A room should be designed so that wherever you look you enveloped in beauty. There should not be an area where there is nothing to notice. Unfortunately, there is a very thin line to walk between too much and not enough. You should not feel overwhelmed but at peace with the beauty. Over stimulation is almost as bad as no stimulation. This is where a good designer can save the day. It is so often that we pick up an extra item thinking it will look perfect in this area or that, not thinking about the ten other things we picked up last week as well. Soon the mantle or table is covered and there is not one particular thing that stands out in the mess. A designer is great at pairing down and picking only those items that will make an impression in the room. You don't need 10 candles, you need a mix of items to add interest and draw the viewer around the room. Yes, there should be a statement piece, but the other pieces should work together and make the rest of the room visually appealing. These, and so many other properties, are what a designer will look at and assess in each and every room. It's tough to get it perfect, but the room will speak for itself when it's completed. There will be smiles, surprises and much more throughout. Let your room make you smile and create fantasy. It's worth it!