Showcase Your Inner Fashionista August 12 2010, 0 Comments

Being fashion forward does not have to be limited to just your wardrobe.  Your interior can represent your personality and capture the same response your hip outfit does.  If you enjoy fashion, than you will find great joy in making fashion come to life in your home.  Why limit yourself?

Following fashion is sometimes confusing because it changes so often.  However, if you can learn how to weed through the fashion faux pause, than you can accomplish great outward personality. 

There are three key elements that correlate directly between fashion and interiors.  These elements are texture, color palate and wear style.   For instance, if lace and leather are the hot trend, than there is good chance leather mixed with soft details is an interior trend.  Colors work the same.  For example this year turquoise was the hottest color of the season, and as a result it is also the hottest interiors element.  More importantly be sure to understand the wear style. If layers are in, than layering items in your home is a must.  If simple clean classic lines are hitting the streets, than you should consider cutting back on accessories and focusing on the structured elements. 

By keeping up with these three simple techniques you can ultimately have the best looking home interior, one that matches your perfect outfit.  

Modloft Mott Coffee Table, Burberry Fall Collection Trench Coat, Jimmy Choo Suede Shoes
Marc by Marc Jacobs Hand Bag,Philippe Audibert Bracelet 

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