Sweat Equity - Kitchen Makeover November 08 2013, 0 Comments

Whether you’re a first time home owner or have owned several homes over the years, you have likely heard your realtor mention the golden term “sweat equity”. This refers to the work you the homeowner can achieve without the expense of a crew, rather, at the simple use of ones hands. The beauty of sweat equity is you keep a lot more money in your pocket. Yes, the work is exhausting, overwhelming and body ailing, but when you are all finished the rewards are endless. The homeowner we will showcase today knew sweat equity was the only option on a tight budget of $1,500. Plus, with plans to move soon, this homeowner knew the work had to be simple, not complex. The homeowners chose to work room by room and master trades they never imagined possible. The kitchen featured below was the existing kitchen from this 80’s build. 295097_749593257609_1022277567_n A simple demolition of the distracting division of cabinets helped open the room. Plus the homeowners were able to be resourceful with the old cabinet interiors by utilizing the existing shelves in their new wine bottle built in. 539953_749593337449_1769654912_n Check out this good looking white tile counter top, made its debut in the 80's. It had to go too. IMG_4231 The homeowner wanted a durable, inexpensive yet contemporary new counter top. The choice to engineer concrete counter tops was genius for this particular renovation. Although, the owners had no idea how to build a concrete counter top, they were willing to learn. After several hours of hitting the books for research and tutorials, the end result was impeccable. For more information on these counters click here. IMG_4233 IMG_4235 IMG_4236 IMG_4255 IMG_4257 IMG_4260 IMG_4272 IMG_4293 IMG_4299 IMG_4308 IMG_4320 IMG_4321 IMG_4327 IMG_4333 IMG_4335 IMG_4337 IMG_4339 IMG_4349 IMG_4365 IMG_4378 IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4399 IMG_4402 After the counter top was successfully completed, it was time to install a new glass tile back splash. The color choice brought new life to this once dark kitchen. IMG_4535 IMG_4544 Last but certainly not least, the homeowners embellished the room with complimentary colored walls and decor accents. IMG_4550 IMG_4601 IMG_4577 IMG_4591 IMG_4538 Stay tuned there are so many more treasures to share from this sweat equity renovation!