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Edgy, Sweet, Custom - Teen Bedroom Design Inspiration October 14 2014, 0 Comments

The beauty and detriment of being a teen is finding yourself. It's a rough path with many ups and downs, but we make it through, and are, hopefully, stronger and more confident in the end. A teen bedroom should show off the developing personality of the young adult. Let their interests spark a creative vibe and go with it. The beauty of a teen bedroom is that it can be very edgy and fun or sweet and calming. And this choice is completely different for each teen. Teens definitely need a space of their own, one that they can go to when they need some time to think, work, or unwind. Make sure their space has space to relax while still showcasing their unique personality. They are becoming adults quickly, this is a great area to let them make the choices, and start to feel comfortable in their own skin. Here are some great teen bedrooms that may help you get started on the bedroom of their dreams.

Fashion and Beauty

Teen girls are either completely into fashion or could care less. If your teen is a fashionista let her fashion sense take over the room.

Bright and Inviting

A pop of color on the wall is a great way to make a statement in the room. The teal, green, black and white accents make a great bold color scheme. Fun, playful and inviting, this room is a perfect place for a teenage girl to unwind.

Edgy Chill

This black walled room is brightened up with lime green, black and white. The hard edge is perfect for a teenage boy and the simplistic nature of the room makes it relaxing and inviting. Because the room is not overcrowded, there is plenty of room to spread out and unwind, something all teenagers need.

Sporty Edge

 There is something about an industrial feel and sports that work so well together. Just enough edge to make the room fitting for a teenage boy.
Whatever route you choose, every teen needs a space to call their own. Let their vision pave the way.
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Heart of Kansas City - Tween Bedroom Design October 08 2014, 0 Comments

Kansas City Theme Bedroom When a tween tells you he wants a Kansas City based bedroom complete with Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC, city buildings and skyline, you take his dream and make it a reality. That's exactly what we were called to do in our latest design and installation. We started with a simple bedroom and bathroom, that needed a unique transformation. Bedroom Before Bedroom Before Bathroom Before Bathroom Before After a meeting with our newest client and his parents, we had some great inspiration to get the ball rolling. With Kansas City as the inspiration, local sports, buildings and some very bright color choices, we took off with the design. Color Inspiration - Sour Patch Kids Wrapper Our brainstorming led us to the highlight of the room, the map wall. What started as just a map became a piece of art. The custom decal and photo placements are the eye-catcher. Custom Map Wall Decal Custom Map Wall Decal The KC Royals, roller shade was the perfect addition to the windows, especially since they arrived ready to install the week of the first Royals playoff series in 29 years. KC Royals Roller Shade The drafting table desk and baseball chair were a fun addition that will easily adapt as he gets older. Drafting Table Desk and Baseball Chair Bins for toys, laundry and other mess makers, are a great way to organize and can adapt with his need for extra storage options. Storage bins - Sports Room With fun additions of the sports team memorabilia and a custom name wall; Dominic's Locker Room was complete. Dominics Locker Room Locker Bedroom Design The bathroom was plain and simple, but we added a few fun touches to bring the rooms together. Sports Bathroom sports bathroom The license plates and metal letter D were a fun wall decoration and the custom painted, skyline, shower curtain was a great extra touch. license plate wall custom painted shower curtain Overall, the design was implemented perfectly and our client was quite happy. satisfied client In fact his dad says he won't leave the room....ooops!

In BeTWEEN Bedroom Design Inspiration October 02 2014, 0 Comments

Moving past the kid stage but not a teenager quite yet. That in between stage, commonly referred to as tween, can be an awkward but exciting time in a kid's life. Many times this is the stage in life when your child is starting to show a genuine interest in certain activities. The tween bedroom can be more sophisticated than their previous rooms, giving them a feeling of being grownup instead of still a child. Having a place they can go to unwind that fits them is a much needed place in this stage in their life. Let your tween be the lead for the direction of the room design. Here are some fun rooms for your (and your tween's) inspiration!



Riding the Waves

Sometimes a bright pop and some decor will take you to your escape.

Take me Out to the Ballgame

Sports are a great option for a tween bedroom. Base it off the sports they play or their favorite team and your on your way.

Grow With Me

A room that will easily transition into the coming teen years, is always a great idea. Bold patterns and colors make the room sophisticated, while the tye-dye  curtain adds a bit of fun.


Life's a Beach

You may recall the room design we did last year. Taking her love of dolphins and the beach we created an escape.

Sophisticated Color and Pattern

Sometimes color and pattern can make the room perfect. Pick a color scheme and make the room work with a mix of patterns and textures!

Lose Yourself in the Music

Sometimes, music is the heart and soul of a tween. They find a connection or can lose themselves in music to escape the awkward transition they are working through at the time. Music can be a great theme for a tween room that will easily transition to their teen years.
Whatever you design route your choose, try let your tween have a part in the design process. After all it should be their area to unwind and escape the day to day.
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BONUS - We are installing a tween bedroom tomorrow and will be showcasing it next week! Stay Tuned! - UPDATE - You can view the post here!

Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails - Boy Bedroom Inspiration September 16 2014, 0 Comments

From sports to dinosaurs and everywhere in between, toddler boy bedrooms can go in a multitude of directions. Their interests can spark some of the best ideas and many times their toys can become their decor as well. You can go bold and over the top, or simple (i.e. easy to change when that phase runs out). Either way, boy bedrooms can be a lot of fun. Here is some inspiration for your boy's bedroom design.

Sports Galore:

Focus on one team or a certain sport. You can go as detailed or as simple as you prefer. Either way will make a statement. Lockers, team decor, sports balls and memorabilia can add a lot to the design but can also overpower, so be cautious.

Take me to Space:

What kid doesn't love space? The planets, stars and asteroids are very enticing to a young boy. Bright colors, fun and engaging; a space bedroom is perfect for that boy who wants to blast off.

On the Road:

From firetrucks to monster trucks, boys love things that travel. Stick to one type of car, truck or plane. Or mix them and have a room full of transportation.
Transportation Boy Bedroom

Lego Action:

Something about building with Legos, sets a boy free. If your boy is into Legos, why not take it to the next level with a Lego room. Bright colors and a fun atmosphere will inspire your little one. Be sure to have an area for building with the blocks as well to complete the room.


The roaring. The growling. The claws. Dinosaurs bring out the boy in all of us. The beauty of dinosaurs is you can design it in a more muted tone or create a bright, playful room. Dinosaur rooms are a great example of using their toys for the decor on tables and shelves. Just make sure they still have a place to organize the others or it will look too crowded and messy.
Pottery Barn Dinosaur Bedroom
Dinosaur Bedroom
There are many other options for your boys room. Use your imagination and follow their interests and you will create a great room that's playful and fun while functional.
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