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Heating Up - Fire Pits June 16 2014, 0 Comments

This time of year in Kansas City, can be either extremely hot, 90's and humid or beautiful 70's and 80's. We have gotten the latter this year and are relishing the moments we have outside, for we know it will not last! The warm afternoons are great for hanging out with friends, going to the park or sitting by the pool. And the cooler evenings lend themselves to bonfires, electric heaters and our favorite, fire pits.
Fire pits can be a quick, easy and relatively inexpensive addition to your outdoor entertaining area. They are great conversation or relaxation areas. Put on some music, grab a drink, add in a few close friends and you are on your way to a fun evening. Or put on some music, grab a drink and sit to relax. It's up to you, a fire will add that ambiance that takes your evening to the next level. The heat of summer is coming, but it is definitely not too late to get your bit of warmth. Spring may be coming to a close, but Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy your fire pit as well. And there may even be a few days in mid-summer that you can take advantage of the light heat. Luckily, they are pretty easy to find, too. If you want something simple and inexpensive, most big box stores, or online, carry a few versions. If you are looking for a complete oasis there are many beautiful ways a professional can build a fire pit area. And for those adventurous types, there are even some great do-it-yourself options. You can go with natural wood fire or propane options. This comes down to personal preference. Wood is messy and harder to start, but the smell of wood burning is the payout. Propane, is less messy and very easy to start (just click a switch) but you lose the smell of a wood burning fire.  
Any type you choose, you will be soon be warming up on those cool nights.