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Nursery Design - Girl September 04 2014, 0 Comments

Little girls are precious. There is something about a little girl that makes you smile and gasp at their beauty from day one. Taking them home to a beautiful nursery seems only fitting. Pink, purple, blue or green. Sparkles, glamour, simple or sophisticated. It's all up to you. Here are some girl nursery designs for inspiration.


This nursery is over the top glamour girl and we love it! The drapes hanging from the wall over the crib is a great touch, making the details of the crib stand out in the room. The subtle color and textures are lush and beautiful. Talk about raising a princess.


If pink is in your design, this nursery is a great starting point. The combination of various pinks and white are not overdone. The pop of blue is a great addition, you could even add a few more pops if you wanted to break it up a bit more.

Focus on Art

The artwork in this nursery is the definite focal point. The colors in the room have been drawn from the artwork to make the room cohesive. The bright pops of color do not take away from the beautiful artwork, but instead pull the room together into a colorful room that is not over the top and in your face.

Eyes on the Wall

The decal or wall mural in this room is the highlight of this nursery. Everything else sits back and lets the bright tree with owls take center stage. Even the light blends with the tree making it an accessory on the wall instead of an eyesore.


This black, white and pink nursery is grown up and sophisticated with a twist of baby girl. The pink is subtle and sweet while the patterns provide contrast and movement.
Girl Nursery - Pezzo Bello Interiors - Kansas City
Whatever direction you choose, your little girl will be pampered and loved in her beautiful nursery.
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