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Top Gifts for Men

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For some reason, it seems that men are harder to buy for. Maybe it's that they have a tendency to just buy what they need; when they need it. Or maybe, it's that they don't want for things as much as women. Or, as is the case of the men in our lives - they want for the expensive things like televisions, cars, boats, etc., not those easily attainable, within the budget, gifts. Whatever the reasons, there is no denying we still want to buy for the men in our lives. Here are our top gifts for men. Jazz Time...

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Top 10 Host and Hostess Gifts

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Thanksgiving is this week and so begins the overwhelming amount of parties and gatherings. Host and Hostess gifts are a nice touch to any gathering or party you are attending. While a bottle of wine is nice, why not step it up a notch with a unique hostess gift this year. Here are a few of our favorites. Square Knot 3 Vial VaseThis beautifully, simple vase is a great addition to any home. Which makes it a great hostess gift.Modern Wine GlassesThese modern black detailed wine glasses are a great gift for the contemporary, modern host and hostess. R.S.V.P. Cocktail Forks or...

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Come on In - Entryway Design

Design Entryway Home Decor

We've guided you along the walk up to your homewith tips for your front door and exterior lighting. Now let's go a few steps further, your guests have just crossed over the threshold and entered your home, what will they see first? Is it a well decorated entryway? Nothing? Possibly a mess? Hopefully you answered a well decorated entryway, but if not, here are some tips and ideas for getting your entryway perfect! Make it catch the attention of your guests without going overboard. Sometimes less is more; especially when it comes to accessorizing. And just as with the other...

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Brighten Up The Outside - Exterior Lighting Tips

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The days are slowly getting shorter which means your house is in need of some great exterior lighting. Exterior lighting is important for both design aesthetic as well as safety. A well lit house looks marvelous from the street and deters those looking for an easy target. Here are some tips for making your house look great at night. Driveways and Pathways Your driveway lighting can be dramatic or simple. The main use of lighting in these areas is for safety. Be sure you define your boundaries but keep the lights staggered so that you avoid the "runway" look. Your...

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Design Tip Friday - Pattern

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Your home is a direct reflection of your personality. Add a bit of punch with some refreshing home decor patterns.     Yes, pattern can be intimidating. But when done well, it can completely transform your space. If you are worried about it being too much, add it in slowly, one small piece at a time. If you're brave, start room by room and add personality.   There are so many different ways you can add pattern to any room. Accent furniture, rugs, pillows, window coverings, tile, lampshades, wallpaper, throws, etc..   The key is to add pattern tastefully. If...

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