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Laundry Room Makeover March 20 2012, 0 Comments

I don't know about you, but the laundry room seems to be one of the last rooms on my list of places  to makeover.  Even though I spend a fair amount of time in there, it wasn't on the top of my list.  It seems that there is always dirty clothes waiting to be cleaned, hung, folded or ironed. UGH!  So, I started thinking about how to make the time that I do spend in that room more enjoyable.

I finally had some free time and I took on the challenge of making over my own laundry room. I'm happy with how it turned out and have to say, it does make my state of mind better when I am in there.  Obviously the clothes are still there waiting to be cleaned and ironed, but the room is pretty and inviting now.  I'm not in such a big hurry to get done.

Color is important to me along with style. It had to coordinate with the adjoining rooms and existing floor tile and cabinets. So I began with picking out the new color.  I thought, a blue  was what I wanted so I began there. The original color was Sherwin Williams Bagel and  I changed it to Sherwin Williams Seaworthy.

Before with SW Bagel
After with SW Seaworthy
The next step was picking out a tile for the back splash.  There was no tile on the walls to begin with, so it was a little easier to add new without having to take out the old first.  I really wanted glass tiles and I wanted it in a brick shape.  So I went through my tile samples and found the perfect tile!!!  Marazzi  Studio M Glass Mosaic in Jive!

Before without Tile

After with Tile

Before without Tile, Paint or Drying Rack

After with Tile and Paint

Organization is always important in any laundry room so I  searched for and found a hanging rack for the wall behind the washer and dryer.  Normally, I had laundry baskets setting on top of the washer and dryer but that always looked tacky and it didn't help with my delicate clothes. They needed to be hung, not machine dried. More times than not, our delicate clothes were strewn all over the laundry room, even hanging on cabinet knobs until they dried. Needless to say, this is one of my favorite and most functional finds.  Not only does it look nice, even with clothes hanging on it, it is functional and I love it!
Drying Rack for Delicates
The dirty clothes storage was another problem.  I searched and found Rev-A-Shelf laundry baskets that fit perfectly inside my cabinets to hide away all of the dirty clothes.  I sort them into each basket when they become dirty. The full baskets remind me, when I add clothes to them, that it's time to do the laundry!  When the baskets are full, it's time to wash! Genius!

Dirty Clothes Hidden Baskets
The decor is always the most fun to do.  I was able to use a few of the pieces that I had in there before the makeover, but I also added some new things. My favorite new piece is a picture that my husband took while we were in Italy, of clothes hanging on a line in Cinque Terre.  It ended up being the perfect colors so I had it blown up and I matted and framed it for my laundry room.  I love looking at it and reminiscing about our trip to Italy every time I'm in there!

Laundry Hanging on a line in Cinque Terre Italy.

Let us know if your laundry room is the place you dread going the most. If so, give us a call and we can make it a more pleasant room for you to do the most dreaded chore!

Antionette King, Owner/Designer
Pezzo Bello Interiors