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Nursery Design - Gender Neutral September 09 2014, 0 Comments

Boy specific nursery - check. Girl nursery - check. Gender Neutral nursery - this post is for you. Today we will be focusing on the neutral nursery. Whether you don't know what you are having and want to be surprised. Or, maybe, you just want something that doesn't scream boy or girl, here is some inspiration for your neutral nursery designs.


This room has color but in gender neutral choices. The red, turquoise and gray work well together. The colors pop making it bright and exciting, while still calming and nurturing.

Bright and Cheerful

This room is so colorful there is no way to distinguish if it is boy or girl specific. If you love color and want something colorful, bring in a good mix and go bright!

Two By Two

This nursery's subdued colors and animal theme are a great neutral design. This design lends itself to easily transition to boy or girl specific once the baby arrives by adding a bit of color or fun items.

Deep Green

Green is a borderline color. Many people think green is a boy color, but more and more colors are crossing the gender specific line and green is a forerunner. The green animal wall would be great with additions of blue for a boy or pink for a girl. The colorful rug adds many options for decor as well.


This neutral nursery is very calming with it's subdued color scheme while the depth of the darker color is lush and inviting. If you want to go true neutral this is the perfect inspiration for your nursery design.
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