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Getting Organized - Lets Get Crafty

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A craft room, sewing room, scrapbooking room, etc., whatever you choose call it, can get quite messy. With the many small items, large items and everything in between, how do you keep your craft area clean and organized or just plain under control? It's not easy but here are some great tips for getting started. As usual, start your organizing by going through everything you have, grouping similar items, getting rid of those things you don't need, and taking an inventory. Once you have your inventory, you will have a better idea of what methods will work best for storage....

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Getting Organized - Office Organization

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It's National Clean Off Your Desk Day. What better day to start all that office organization you've been putting off doing? If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are some advice that may help you get started! As with any other area you are organizing, be sure you go through everything and take an inventory. Once you know what you have, here are some items that will help you get your items organized and easy to find. [caption id="attachment_870" align="alignnone" width="380"] Make the most of your vertical space. A stacking organizer will help make the most of your space and keep...

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