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Product Spotlight - Italian Marble Statues December 09 2014, 0 Comments

Are you looking for a beautiful, eye-catching piece for your home? Then look no further. Our Italian Marble statues create a stunning focal point in any home. Italian Marble Dancing Couple Statue Made from Italian Marble, pulverized stone; each piece is carefully molded and carved. Then worked by hand to produce the final beauty of the statues. The detail work on the statues is absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, photos do not do these sculptures justice. Italian Marble Statue - Jesus Christ on Rays Detail Detail of Elephant Italian Marble Statue We offer an array of these hand worked statues, so that you can bring these eye-catching pieces into your own home. From animals and figures to religious statues, there is something stunning for every home. Italian Marble Crucifix - Jesus on Cross with Rays Italian Marble Horse Head Statue Italian Marble Pieta Statue You can find these beautiful statues and more in our store. Make an impact in your home with a beautiful Italian Marble statue, today.