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5 Storage Solutions for Your Child's Bedroom September 25 2014, 0 Comments

Every kid's room deserves at least a few toys included. The question becomes, how do you make that storage look nice, while still making it easy to access for your child? Here are a few tips for using storage that works with your room design.

1. Toy Box

Toy boxes are great, fun additions to the room. They can be stand alone or built ins. The nice thing about toy boxes is they come in many shapes and sizes and can work well in any room. Add a decal or paint and you can make your own unique addition to the room. One issue with a toy box is that they beg the child to just toss in everything at once, leaving no organization, more broken toys and possibly more tantrums when they cannot find that one toy they are searching for. If organization and ease are not something on the top of your list. If you just want all the toys out of site and in a confined area, then a toy box is a great option for your child's room.Custom Hand Painted Toy Box

2. Shelves

Shelves are great for the larger toys in your child's collection, but can look messy when used for smaller toys. Using shelves alone may not work, but in combination with the others below can be a great option.

3. Drawers

Drawers are great for storage of smaller items. Once they are in they can be closed for a clean look. However, if they are not organized well, they can become as much of a mess as the shelves and toy box, just hidden.

4. Bins/Buckets

Bins and buckets are great for organizing toys into similar items. Dinosaurs in one, cars in another. You get the picture. They also hide the clutter and are found in many colors and sizes which make them a simple addition to the design you choose. You can use them in addition to shelving or a toy box for larger items and your storage is complete!

5. Closet Storage

Turn your closet into a toy storage area. Using built-ins, shelves and bins can organize the items while closing the doors will put them all out of site.
Wherever you store them, toys will be a necessity and a curse. Make sure your little one can easily clean up his own messes and keep the messes to a minimum when possible. Any storage is better than no storage! If you are looking for more storage and organization ideas for your kids rooms check out our Pinterest Board - Kids Rooms.