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Sweat Equity - Kitchen Makeover November 08 2013, 0 Comments

Whether you’re a first time home owner or have owned several homes over the years, you have likely heard your realtor mention the golden term “sweat equity”. This refers to the work you the homeowner can achieve without the expense of a crew, rather, at the simple use of ones hands. The beauty of sweat equity is you keep a lot more money in your pocket. Yes, the work is exhausting, overwhelming and body ailing, but when you are all finished the rewards are endless. The homeowner we will showcase today knew sweat equity was the only option on a tight budget of $1,500. Plus, with plans to move soon, this homeowner knew the work had to be simple, not complex. The homeowners chose to work room by room and master trades they never imagined possible. The kitchen featured below was the existing kitchen from this 80’s build. 295097_749593257609_1022277567_n A simple demolition of the distracting division of cabinets helped open the room. Plus the homeowners were able to be resourceful with the old cabinet interiors by utilizing the existing shelves in their new wine bottle built in. 539953_749593337449_1769654912_n Check out this good looking white tile counter top, made its debut in the 80's. It had to go too. IMG_4231 The homeowner wanted a durable, inexpensive yet contemporary new counter top. The choice to engineer concrete counter tops was genius for this particular renovation. Although, the owners had no idea how to build a concrete counter top, they were willing to learn. After several hours of hitting the books for research and tutorials, the end result was impeccable. For more information on these counters click here. IMG_4233 IMG_4235 IMG_4236 IMG_4255 IMG_4257 IMG_4260 IMG_4272 IMG_4293 IMG_4299 IMG_4308 IMG_4320 IMG_4321 IMG_4327 IMG_4333 IMG_4335 IMG_4337 IMG_4339 IMG_4349 IMG_4365 IMG_4378 IMG_4380 IMG_4381 IMG_4399 IMG_4402 After the counter top was successfully completed, it was time to install a new glass tile back splash. The color choice brought new life to this once dark kitchen. IMG_4535 IMG_4544 Last but certainly not least, the homeowners embellished the room with complimentary colored walls and decor accents. IMG_4550 IMG_4601 IMG_4577 IMG_4591 IMG_4538 Stay tuned there are so many more treasures to share from this sweat equity renovation!

Home Office Makeover October 25 2013, 0 Comments

Monday will be a whole lot happier if your office is a happy place to be. Now that fall has trickled in, and the calendar is getting a bit lighter, perhaps you can spend time wisely this weekend pampering your home office. Seriously, spoil yourself you’ll be more productive. The Pezzo Bello design team has established offices in almost every house we have designed. Offices at home are absolutely necessary in a virtual world. Think about it, more often than not we are all working from home at least one day out of the week. So we say why not make your home office experience enjoyable!? Instead of piling on an old desk in the corner, or, working in a nonfunctional area of your home, plan a space to suit your needs. It needn't be large, nor does it have to have its own room. In fact, you can work a home office into several places. Allow us to showcase the options. In the spirit of “going paperless” those who need only a space to prop up a lap top and do a little journalism can easily place a neat small table just about anywhere in the home. It’s all about location location location! Since a small table only requires small space, place your home office in the one room that makes you the happiest. Your once existent window bench in the bedroom
Your inspiring sun room
The lounge space you feel most comfortable
Others may require more storage solutions, but space may be limited. We suggest the old tried and true closet makeover. Instead of just pulling the doors off, follow through on the detail. Doing so will make this new closet office look like a planned process versus an afterthought. Trim out the opening
Add built in storage
Replace old doors with interesting new doors
For those who are rolling in the space, or simply have a room to allocate to office work, have fun! The beauty of having your own room is you can make it feel like a CEO’s private office space. Design your space as if you own the company. Be powerful, be bold be you. It’s amazing what a little ego boost can do to productivity.

Shades Of Grey Project September 26 2013, 0 Comments

This was our very own Shades of Grey project. This home is a 1999 build in the northland. The original colors were pea green and the carpet was a taupe shag. The owners painted the walls at time of move to a Sherwin Williams grey,re-painted all the trim work and replaced the main windows. Last year, Pezzo Bello helped in the renovation of the homes master bathroom, main eating area and entertainment space. The home received all new carpet, tile, light fixtures, countertops and faucets throughout. There are still new projects on the horizon for these homeowners and we are looking forward to sharing those improvements with you. [caption id="attachment_224" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Kitchen & Living Room BEFORE Kitchen & Living Room BEFORE[/caption] [caption id="attachment_228" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Kitchen_AFTER Kitchen_AFTER[/caption] [caption id="attachment_225" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Living Room_BEFORE Living Room_BEFORE[/caption] [caption id="attachment_231" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Living Room_AFTER Living Room_AFTER[/caption] [caption id="attachment_227" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Living Roon_AFTER Living Roon_AFTER[/caption] [caption id="attachment_226" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Master Bath_BEFORE Master Bath_BEFORE[/caption] [caption id="attachment_229" align="aligncenter" width="584"]Master Bath_AFTER Master Bath_AFTER[/caption]

Project Profile: Phase One - Color Me Happy September 13 2013, 0 Comments

We love our job so much, and are so grateful to all the wonderful people we have had an opportunity to work with. Sometimes we have so much fun at this thing called work, we have to pinch ourselves.  This project was one of those “I’m living the dream” projects.  Our clients were so much fun to work with. Every client calls us for varying reasons; “I have no time, but want my house in order”, or, “our home is a little too neutral and decision making gets too overwhelming,” or simply,” I’m stumped can you help?” In this case, our client was at a standstill, not knowing what to do with her new home “Blank Canvas.” Shopping for décor and committing to a style was so confusing for her.  So she decided to call on the PB team for help. Neutral is comfortable and easy.  We love neutral too, but neutral does not always mean grey, tan and white.  Approaching neutral with a different eye can eliminate the color hurdle.  It’s easier to wear our color versus commit to it in our home. After all, you do have to live with the color you choose every day, but with clothing you can make a choice of what color to wear every day.  While clothing pigments are often rich and deep, home decor is commonly more reserved.  Therefore, when you approach home color, look at a muted version of the colors you love most.  For instance, pick a soft yellow over a vibrant yellow. PierOne_MutedPetalsPillow


PierOne_PetalsPillow Selecting subdued color is a safe, fool proof way to bring pigment into your home without being too flamboyant. In this particular scheme, our homeowner wanted to remain modest with color introduction.  Therefore, we chose to work with muted yellow, light charcoal grey with subdued blue and green. The space retained its comfortable appeal, while the integration of a gentle color reinforced its personality.  It was a huge success, and our customer finally has the space she had longed for, but couldn’t quite achieve alone.  We are thrilled to have successfully helped express her personality in her home.  We can hardly wait to move on to the next phase. This is phase one of a multiple phase project.  Enjoy!


[caption id="attachment_207" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Before Before[/caption] Mindy Wall Home 008 Mindy Wall Home 009

Mindy Wall Home 011AFTER Mindy Wall After 001

Mindy Wall After 003 Mindy Wall After 004 Mindy Wall After 008 Mindy Wall After 013 Mindy Wall After 014

You Know If You're An Eclectic Genius... August 29 2013, 0 Comments

The world of an eclectic design guru is colorful, inspiring, notable and meaningful. There is no committed  box to place an eclectic decor fanatic, because they genuinely love it all. An eclectic personality derives inspiration from all different sources. They do not hone in on one particular reference. These individuals often uncover meaning and value in several different pieces.  If you were to visit a home of an eclectic personality you are likely to hear many attention-grabbing stories behind each treasured piece throughout their home. This style may appear to be chaos to some, but it may also be an appealing design to others. Typically an eclectic person is not waiting for the perfect piece to place in their home. Instead they might stumble across an old family heirloom in their parents attic, or find an appealing piece at market. These individuals are truly gifted in the sense they can find beauty in many things; making their worlds bright and full of endless possibilities.  Perhaps, the most inspiring trait about eclectic people is their ability to be clever. Eclectic folks are fascinating and the conversations are wide-ranging.  It is hard not be intrigued by them. Call it fickle, call it brilliant, call it what you wish. Today we praise the masters of appreciation because we are enthused at how you always find a place for anything and everything. Here are some exciting photographs of what an eclectic home may look like. Enjoy!

You Might Be a Classic Traditionalist If: August 20 2013, 0 Comments

Some people like their homes to be proverbial, warm and luxurious.  These people might define themselves as classic traditionalist.  People who truly appreciate the simplicity and complexity of classic design in all its glory.  Does this sound like you? Find out if you're a classic traditionalist by taking our short picture quiz below. Which of the below lines are you most drawn to? A.
Which of the below paintings is most attractive? A.
Which patterned room best suits your personality? A.
Which piece of wood furniture do you prefer? A.
Which floral is more likely to win as center piece at a dinner party? A.
Congratulations, you have completed our quiz! If you chose mostly A's the tradional world just bores you. You would rather explore new concepts and keep your eye focused. If you chose mostly B's you have an appreciation for the traditional world, but are not willing to dedicate your whole design scheme to one hub. If you chose mostly C's congratulations you are officially a classic traditionalist. Forget Picasso , you're strictly interested in the magnificent work of the greats; Michaelangelo, Leonardo Di Vinci and Donatello to name a few. You believe there is endless beauty in history, therefore you could hardly imagine a world forgotten.  Carry on wise relic, your home is warm to all and offers great story telling. May our history never be forgotten. Here are some delightful examples of what a classic traditionalists home may look like:

You Might Be A Minimalist If... August 09 2013, 0 Comments

You Might Be a Minimalist If So are you a minimalist? Find out below in our You Might Be a Minimalist Quiz.
  1. When choosing tile for the front entry of your house you’re most likely to choose which pattern?
    1. Veined marble
    2. Linear patterned porcelain
    3. Textured slate or Faux painted ceramic
  2. You have several exceptional family heirlooms; you’re most like to choose what to display these items?
    1. Your great grandmothers antique armoire
    2. The built in art wall designed by your architect for your house
    3. A bookcase
  3. You are attending your cities most prominent art gallery. This month’s work showcases a young contemporary artist whose artwork describes stories of his troubled past. You reaction to this work is…
    1. Artwork should be literal, but this is depressing
    2. This would look perfect over our mantle in the lounge
    3. His work is entirely too complex, we are happiest with landscape drawings
  4. You’re hosting a dinner party for six of your closest friends. Your choice of table setting is…
    1. The whole nine yards – our best china, glassware and silver atop our handmade European tablecloth with napkins, lit by candlelight.
    2. Our white china, square glassware and collected silverware atop our classic Euro Saarinen dinning table, lit by a chandelier designed by a local young artist.
    3. Our new Pottery Barn ceramic dishes, bubble glassware and grandmas silverware atop our barn wood table and chairs, lit by dining room fixtures.
  5. Your interior color theme is…
    1. Rich and luxurious
    2. Monochromatic
    3. Agreeable
Congratulations, you are finished. If you chose majority A’s minimalism probably makes you uncomfortable If you chose majority B’s you are a true minimalist If you chose majority C’s you appreciate the art of minimalism but it isn't for you Minimalism is the simplest form of design. It is about using few elements to make a statement; everything within this design is carefully considered and serves multiple purposes for visual simplicity. You've probably heard the “less is more” quote more than once in your life. Consider this simple statement to be the motto for all minimalist design. Photographs depicting minimalism…

Inspire Us_Italy_Texture July 22 2013, 0 Comments

Italy is full of inspiring architecture. We found what inspired us the most were all the beautiful textures. There were no surfaces left unfinished. It was as if every centimeter of every square foot was carefully considered in detail. This made for a continuous experience in every direction; each new corner was a masterpiece all its own. 1014407_10200984866496204_441875898_n 67895_10200984467766236_1798707583_n 221613_10200984449365776_785051345_n There is no reason why you couldn't encompass the same experience in your own home. Start looking at your home as your masterpiece; a place to articulate your story well and with great pride. A good book can go from good to great by the details it bears; your home is no different. One clever tool to communicate your story is to play with textures. Finishes are almost more important than the space itself. If chosen well, finishes are the details making your statement fluent. If finishes are done poorly your whole story gets puzzling. No fear, it’s really quite simple to pick finishes if you follow these simple rules. 1. Use colors that compliment one another, are in the same tone, but not necessarily the same color. Do not fret over the perfect match; focus on the perfect accolade instead.
2. Pick soft textures for leisure areas and utilize rigid textures for display areas only.
3. Not everything has to be a theme; sometimes the unexpected piece is what best depicts the story.
4. Don’t pick decorations out because they match the room. Pick pieces you’re drawn to even if it means waiting for a room completion. Patience is the hardest virtue when completing a space, but being patient and considerate makes all the difference in your end result.
Remember to have fun, be inspired always. After all this is your story to tell so own it. If you need any help finding those perfect pieces we are only a phone call away.

Inspire Us_Italy 2013 Doing a Lot With a Little July 15 2013, 0 Comments

There is no doubt the Europeans look at us Americans as if we are crazy space hogs. We drive large gas guzzling cars, have homes the size of their nicest hotels and have food storage at home more grand than their supermarkets. It is true, the majority of Europeans live in spaces no larger than our garages; their workshops sometimes no larger than our dinning room, yet the production of quality goods from these small spaces can arguably the best we have experienced. XGGDomYAzYtGxlHa26mH7ytRhH2kmEMyimT55Ue29hE E5GCzcfHeUh1cRX_gxyfAAk98KbA8bmJXAFGSYXp16E,aDZ4ufDGzrLgdaBBWt2UiWUbzTaAb4L0cOtXMzOcW3I We were in awe of the abilities of the Europeans to turn out quality goods from such small quarters. The pottery was to die for, the wood inlay pieces were intricately precise, the food was perfectly plated with and their farms challenge what is possible. We saw pottery artist produce hand painted pieces at the back of a 10 x 10 retail space; carpenters chisel wood in space no wider than four foot; a hat maker mold hats with an antique machine nestled up against a small wall in his working quarters and farmers farm land on a steep vertical. The list goes on and on. Which got us to thinking…large space doesn't always mean better turn out; it is all about what you can do with what you have. Many of us struggle daily with trying to fit everything into one space. It happens in our work space and home space. Too often we get find ourselves utilizing inadequate means to make our spaces work "temporarily". Our personal opinion is this may be because our mind set is "I need more space" rather than "what are the possibilities within this space". It is time to start thinking differently because we know you can do a lot with a little, you just have to think "inside" your box.
Please share your small spaces with us. We love new inspiration and creative ideas.

Inspire Us_Italy 2013 July 08 2013, 0 Comments

We are thrilled to be back in the beautiful country of U.S.A. Our travel to Europe was magnificent full of history, inspiring culture and exposure to fresh ideas. We took a lot of pictures; found endearing design inspiration; met incredible people and we are ready to share it all with you! Our blog entries this month will be all about incorporating Roman and Greek architecture into your space. Our observation of European culture is sure to intrigue and inspire the way you look at your surroundings. Ready set here we go! No trip to Europe is complete without visiting all the deep historic artifacts. We were definitely in awe of the beauty in the architecture; not to mention all the thought and time put into the details of the architecture. Which got us to thinking...why should anyone settle for plain production, why not demand individuality? So we say to you, there is nothing in the rule book saying you are not allowed to incorporate ancient architecture into your contemporary setting. Actually doing so will add a touch of individuality, luxury and warmth to your home. Check out these beautiful photographs from Italy of ancient columns and arches. hlaGc1vvntG2EXsrzQuBSWLzXUDkl3QmhSBKI6ad1tM LE74Ez-dH0dXx089h4X6ITeHt7p81JymBS5Qdw7_0lw WLq2e16_aLgcvRBWaCbDlXV52ahJmzjLPyzotO5lYrc wa6Q_dCNODvqr-tGV45qqag9oUBsJvJg4OkHUM_ZYw8 7HY-GbCHAk5ggrfLI2oIZ-7I5sAo6JbpF44MQRf4Afk IWbqcvByD0uQ4M4QuakaUYIHG5LQRJYZWBOFhZmAEAU kndZrTkRm_AZUjmmp9-LTcXwFjKZv5hYXBIMsK5aJxU Never be afraid to have fun with lines in your home. Straight is safe, but tends to look builder grade add some pizzazz when possible. You can achieve the same beauty at home. Take a look at the simple, playful incorporation of columns and arches in these homes.