Vacation Home Make Over


Not too many experiences compare to the peace of mind that overcomes you when escaping real world dramas and paying a visit to a treasured vacation home.  Sanity can be achieved from simply getting out of town. 

When someone chooses a vacation home it is important to choose one that is soothing and represents personality.  What a lot of people overlook is the potential in older property builds.  Pezzo Bello is certain that although it may seem impossible, it is absolutely achievable. 

Many Missourians are familiar with the Lake of the Ozarks.  Although it is only a couple hours absent from home, it is a place to let loose and enjoy time away.  Pezzo Bello has spent the last couple years helping LakeOzark property owners take rags to riches, all with a couple small sweat projects.

Below is an example of what a typical lake condominium might look like. For the most part finishes are outdated, but with an eye for the potential it is possible to achieve personality.

For this project, Pezzo Bello took all wall coverings down, repainted the walls and updated furniture, accessories and hardware.  All very simple projects that helped bring the property value up and uncover individuality.

For this project there are still a couple small updates to be completed in the coming months, but all the improvements you see were completed in two seasons.  Proving that taking something old and bringing back its youth is not as impossible as many expect it to be.  As long as the core of the build is sturdy and hardy you can expect sweat equity to happen easily.  Meaning, you can enjoy all there is to love about your vacation home in a matter of months.

As future updates are fulfilled we will share with you. Stay tuned!!

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