What Exactly does an Interior Designer do? February 06 2012, 0 Comments

Many times during my career I have heard questions concerning what an Interior Designer's value is.  Many people, think that because they have the "knack for decorating" that they do not need a designer to complete their home project.  Only after they are in middle of their project, do they understand what our value really is. They realize that it is was more complicated then what they thought.  I can't tell you how many times I have received calls from homeowners asking me for my services to "fix" what they have tried to do themselves.  The job at that point is harder and more costly to fix then it would have been to call an Interior Designer during the concept phase.  So we thought we just might be able to help you learn why it is important to call us first!

To begin the process, an Interior Designer will meet face to face with their client at the jobsite to determine the clients needs and wishes along with observing the space that they will be working on. At that meeting, the designer will get an idea of the client's preferences and budget.  They will guide their clients through what can and cannot be done.

After collecting this information, the designer formulates a design plan and estimates costs.  During this process the designer's knowledge, education and experience really come into play as they will have to figure such things as space planning, functionability of the space, color scheme, and structural viabilities while understanding the client's needs and wants.  Upon completing the design plan, the designer will present it to the client and make revisions based on the client's input.

When the design concept is approved by the client,  the designer begins to start specifying the materials, finishings and furnishings.  This process includes flooring, textiles, wall coverings, trim, lighting, furniture and more.  Depending on the complexity of the project, the designer also might need to submit drawings for approval by a construction inspector to ensure that the design meets building codes. If a project requires structural work, the designer will work with an architect and/or structural engineer for that part of the project. They also hire the contractors to do technical work, such as cabinetry, lighting, plumbing, and electrical wiring.  Interior Designer's offer complete project management for their customers and they are the liaison between the contractors and their clients.

Finally, the designer develops a timeline for the project, coordinates contractor work schedules, and makes sure work is completed on time. The designer oversees the installation of the design elements, and after the project is complete, the designer, together with the client, make follow-up visits to the  site to ensure that the client is completely satisfied.

So....this is just an quick outline of what we Interior Designers do!  It's a complicated process for the average homeowner to take on!  So before you begin your project, call a reputable Interior Designer like Pezzo Bello Interiors, to help you through it from start to finish.

Antionette King, Owner/Designer
Pezzo Bello Interiors