When One Door Closes Another Door Opens June 03 2013, 0 Comments

A homes interior should always showcase the owner’s personality, yet we find so many homeowners select builder grade finishes over shopping around for unique pieces. We think this likely happens because a lot of new homeowners do not realize the potential offering available to them. One of our favorite instant home personality boosters is a simple swap out of your builder grade interior doors for salvaged. In this day and age finding salvaged doors is not only simple, but is also a lot of fun. Plus, by eliminating those cookie cutter doors you add an element of surprise to your guest. An average home has approximately 10-15 interior doors. A basic salvaged door can cost anywhere from $200.00 - $450.00. Compare this to a builder grade white painted door which costs approximately $150.00. A trick for savings; you get your biggest bang for your buck by purchasing a group of salvaged doors versus one. In our opinion personality is always worth the extra bucks. We must warn you though; making salvaged doors impeccable requires a lot of labor and love.
Get your search started by visiting antique stores around your city, skimming through architectural salvage websites or visiting local Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations. If you’re up to a real scavenger hunt check out local estate sales. You can find estate sale listings on craiglist and in your local classifieds. Estate sales are the most likely places to discover a grouping of like doors for purchase.
Happy hunting! If you need assistance we are only a phone call away. Plus we live for this sort of thing.