You Might Be A Minimalist If... August 09 2013, 0 Comments

You Might Be a Minimalist If So are you a minimalist? Find out below in our You Might Be a Minimalist Quiz.
  1. When choosing tile for the front entry of your house you’re most likely to choose which pattern?
    1. Veined marble
    2. Linear patterned porcelain
    3. Textured slate or Faux painted ceramic
  2. You have several exceptional family heirlooms; you’re most like to choose what to display these items?
    1. Your great grandmothers antique armoire
    2. The built in art wall designed by your architect for your house
    3. A bookcase
  3. You are attending your cities most prominent art gallery. This month’s work showcases a young contemporary artist whose artwork describes stories of his troubled past. You reaction to this work is…
    1. Artwork should be literal, but this is depressing
    2. This would look perfect over our mantle in the lounge
    3. His work is entirely too complex, we are happiest with landscape drawings
  4. You’re hosting a dinner party for six of your closest friends. Your choice of table setting is…
    1. The whole nine yards – our best china, glassware and silver atop our handmade European tablecloth with napkins, lit by candlelight.
    2. Our white china, square glassware and collected silverware atop our classic Euro Saarinen dinning table, lit by a chandelier designed by a local young artist.
    3. Our new Pottery Barn ceramic dishes, bubble glassware and grandmas silverware atop our barn wood table and chairs, lit by dining room fixtures.
  5. Your interior color theme is…
    1. Rich and luxurious
    2. Monochromatic
    3. Agreeable
Congratulations, you are finished. If you chose majority A’s minimalism probably makes you uncomfortable If you chose majority B’s you are a true minimalist If you chose majority C’s you appreciate the art of minimalism but it isn't for you Minimalism is the simplest form of design. It is about using few elements to make a statement; everything within this design is carefully considered and serves multiple purposes for visual simplicity. You've probably heard the “less is more” quote more than once in your life. Consider this simple statement to be the motto for all minimalist design. Photographs depicting minimalism…