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One of the first questions I ask a client on a phone interview is "What do you consider your design style?"  Most of the time, they do not know.  So we thought we would try to help you understand the differences in design styles in the coming weeks.  Today we are going to begin with Eclectic. 

You know your have an Eclectic design style if you love mixing and matching old and new furniture and decor and you are uncomfortable being "Matchy, Matchy".  Being Eclectic invites you to fill a space with objects you love and unique finds that strike your fancy. 
Architectural and Interior Photography eclectic family room

 Most people are afraid to mix things but if it is done correctly it shows off your confidence yet still adheres to the fundamentals of good design. Plus it's so much fun to feel like you are getting away with something!!!  It's like thinking purebreds are really pretty but mutts capture your heart in a way that's hard to explain.

While an eclectic room's fabrics should harmonize with each other, that doesn't mean they need to be boring. Use interesting mixes of patterns and textures which have a similar hue in common, then add details like beaded trim or fringe.

 Making an Eclectic room work is best when you anchor the room with strong contrasts.  That's a little misleading and could be a disaster if done wrong.  The trick is to find enough common ground to make a space gel while still contrasting your pieces and colors.  Choose a few must have pieces to anchor the space and then start experimenting with accent pieces.  Just remember that you cannot put every piece you love in one room.

Eclectic Hearth Room by Pezzo Bello Interiors

Make sure you keep the backdrop clean.  What we mean by that is, keep it simple so as the pieces will not to compete with each other.  Err on the side of neutral, and use unassuming hues such as a white, cream  gray, taupe or a pale blue.  If you think that it's not enough, try painting an accent wall with a color from one of the pieces you want to use in the room or add a colorful area rug. That should do it!

Color and pattern are extremely important.  With Eclectic style you can do almost  anything with color.  You can pair bright hues with shy pastels, mix and match every shade of one color that you would like.  You can also mix stripes and florals but it all needs to make sense in the room. If you try to bring in every single shade you love, or if you pile up patterns with no restraint, you'll be left with a mess. This bedroom is done to perfection!
Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick eclectic bedroom

 The fun of eclectic style is the element of surprise. Use pieces that are personal and that you are emotionally attached too. For instance, showcase mementos from your trip to Italy that you took a few years ago in a fun way or bring out your favorite concert posters of your favorite vintage band.   Be careful though, you can go overboard with too many differing pieces.  Think of your quirky piece as an exclamation mark in your room and do not get too carried away.
ABC Dragoo eclectic living room

These are just a few of the elements of Eclectic Style. This style has many positive attributes. You can build a design a little bit at a time by finding just the right pieces, and you can express your personality to its fullest. Don't be afraid to combine different loves and passions into one room. You may find that the end result is more cohesive than you could have imagined.

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Antionette King
Pezzo Bello Interiors