Salis Shower Bath - Erbario Toscana
Salis Shower Bath - Erbario Toscana
Erbario Toscano

Salis Shower Bath - Erbario Toscana

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Salis is the latest line for those who long to feel the energy that only the sea can offer.  The marine notes enhanced with helichrysum and wild myrtle offer a glimpse of Mediterranean underbrush.  The mineral essences accompanied with touches of thyme are reminiscent of a walk on the shore when the sun rises and fills the air with a salty freshness.  With Salis, close your eyes and begin the journey.

Dimensions - 250mL, 8.45 fl oz

Scent Breakdown:

  • TOP NOTES - Aquatic - Seaweed, Helichrysum, Mediterranean Myrtle
  • MIDDLE NOTES -Thyme, Blue Camomile
  • BASE NOTES - Woody - Musk, Patchouli, Cedar Wood, Vanilla

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